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Homecoming 2009:
Social media connects you

This year, social media played a part in the Homecoming festivities as the Ohio University Alumni Association posted content online while the exciting weekend unfolded. You can still view photos and videos of Octubafest, the Yell Like Hell pep rally, Hardwood Hysteria, The Alumni Band, The Marching 110, the parade and our alumni awardees.

The Ohio University Alumni Association keeps you informed with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as well. More than 6,000 alumni are fans of the Ohio University Alumni Association on Facebook. The Ohio alumni group on LinkedIn boasts more than 6,000 members. Join us online!

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The Black Alumni Reunion dates back to the 1970s. In 1991, "Soulful Reunion" attendees posed by Konneker Alumni Center. Photo courtesy of Mahn Center Archives

Black Alumni Reunion:
Time to reunite, give back

Although it occurs only once every three years, the Black Alumni Reunion rouses plenty of Bobcat pride, and this year, expectations for attendance are exceptionally high. As part of the Ohio University Alumni Association’s 150th anniversary, the event is anticipated to be one of the most successful reunions to date. With more than 500 guests expected to register — and the prospect for many more to show — the weekend-long affair is an opportunity for both alumni and students to celebrate black student life on campus.


Celebrations continue

Commemorating the Alumni Association’s 150th is important for a number of reasons, says Ohio University Alumni Association Executive Director Graham Stewart. "We are one of the oldest and most established alumni associations in the country and are proud of our history," Stewart says. "We represent an incredibly talented, successful and diverse alumni base." The Alumni Association has 150th anniversary events planned throughout the year.

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Back to school

Want to graduate from college in just three days? Relive your student experience and attend enriching workshops presented by Ohio’s talented faculty at Alumni College, which will be held July 15-18 in Athens. For more information, click here or contact Cristie Gryszka at 740-597-1280 or


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Honoring legacies

Ohio University’s history extends 205 years, and throughout the centuries, the pride of having green-and-white roots has become a tradition for many families. This year, to celebrate 150 years of alumni involvement, alumni like you are helping us build a $150,000 endowment to support the Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship.

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Travel in Bobcat style

Join Graham Stewart, executive director of your Ohio University Alumni Association, on an exclusive educational tour to Scotland July 4-12. Explore deep, misty glacial lakes, including Loch Ness, and visit three fabled castles. This trip and many more are offered through the OUAA’s exciting tours program.

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Celtic Castle

Class Notes


Bernice Rawe Neumeyer, BSED ’32, celebrated her 100th birthday Nov. 18. She enjoyed a party with family and friends at her assisted living facility in Dover, Ohio.
Ruth Workman Law, BSED ’33, celebrated her 100th birthday in May. She resides in Lancaster, Pa.


Michael Ferrato, BSED ’49, and Richard Robe, BSCE ’55, MS ’62, HON ’96, competed in the finals of the KKMGA Match Play Championship golfing event at the SC Keowee Key Golf Course for the championship of their flight. Heavy rains terminated the event on the 13th hole. Mike was up by one with five holes remaining, making him this year’s flight champion. They are residents of Salem, S.C.


Ira Davis, BSCOM ’50, received his 25-year pin for volunteering as an instructor and local coordinator for AARP’s tax-aide program in Lorain County, Ohio.
Mary Bentz Ehret, BSED ’52, celebrated her 80th birthday. She is a substitute teacher in Newark, Ohio.
Richard Jeffers, AB ’53, plays ukulele, guitar and bass in a 12-piece band that performs at nursing homes, Alzheimer’s facilities and assisted living facilities. He and his wife, Barbara, live in Houston.
Lenore Graf Schneider, BSED ’58, co-authored the book "It’s Always Up: Memories of the Appalachian Trail." She lives in Bradenton, Fla.

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In Memoriam


Lucy Brokaw, AB ’25
Leona Miles, ELED ’29, BSED ’38
Frances Stanley Snell, ELED ’29


Theora Bartholomew, AB ’30
Fern McCleary Gisler, ELED ’31
Addie Carlin Carpenter, ELED ’32
Dorothy Jefferson Frazier, BSED ’32
Velma Wallace, BSED ’32
Edward Stas, ABC ’33
Harold Friedman, BSED ’34
Goldie Newhart Burness, COED ’35
Nellie Fullwiler McClure, ELED ’35,
BSED ’41
Anthony Salvaggio, BSED ’35
Dorothy Ledlie Woodard, ELED ’35,
BSED ’39, MED ’73

Byron Walker, AB ’36, MA ’38
Betty Otsot Brown, ELED ’37
Helen Miller Gummow, BSCOM ’37
John Winner, BSPHY ’37
Helen Stacy Evans, BSED ’38
Nelson Powell, BSEE ’38
Esther Schilling Schlichter, KP ’38
Ellanore Nagle Stedman, COED ’38,
BSED ’67
Edward Warley, BSED ’38
James Wolfe, ELE D ’39, BSED ’45
Carolyn Clutter, BSED ’36, MED ’49
Kay Murphy Price, AB ’36
John Thomas, AB ’36

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Alumni Profile: John Marmie, BSEE ’87 and MS ’89

In 1985, John Marmie was an electrical engineering student playing Athens with his college band, 601. More than 20 years later, Marmie has found a way to combine his two passions — engineering and songwriting — as deputy project manager for NASA’s LCROSS mission. LCROSS, the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite, landed on the moon in mid-June to confirm the presence or absence of water on the moon by analyzing debris for traces of water. On Nov. 13, NASA announced water had been detected in the form of ice and vapor.

"When the pioneers went West, they only carried what they could. They had to live off the land," says Marmie, BSEE ’87 and MS ’89. "It’s the same concept here. We have to try to harvest water and break it into its components if we want to colonize the moon." Although 601 disbanded, Marmie has remained a songwriter. His song "Water on the Moon" was adopted as the official song for the LCROSS mission and featured in a NASA video.
- Emily Hubbell

Photo Caption

NASA deputy project manager John Marmie contributed to the recent LCROSS mission, launched by the ATLAS V rocket pictured here.
Photo courtesy of John Marmie

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